Monday, November 17, 2008

Postcard from Luxor

Markku, who lives in Kouvola, Finland,
sent me this wonderful card showing the columns
in the Temple of Karnak.
This beautiful stamp brought me the card
from Egypt.

I believe the stamp shows Queen Nefertiti, the Great Royal Wife
of Akhenaten. She was the Mother-in-law and probably the stepmother
of King Tuthankhamen, and she was know for her great beauty.
She is probably more famous than her husband and some have
theorized she may have even ruled as 'pharoah'.
In kthe picture on the stamp, she is shown in the conventional
pose of a pharoah striking his enemy.

The picture shows the huge pillars in the Great Hypostyle Hall,
Temple of Karnak. I was amazed at how the pillars dwarf the people!
Markku said the higher columns are 21 meters high (68.9 feet) and
the shorter ones are 'only' 13 meters (42.65 feet). He said they were
erected by RamesesII in the 13th century BC.
Looking on the internet, I found that a hypostyle hall has a flat
ceiling supported by tall columns. In the case of the Great
Hypostyle Hall at Karnak, the center aisle is supported by the taller
columns and flanked by the smaller columns. This allows windows
over the side aisles to allow light inside.
(Am I right, Markku?)

RamesesII is generally regarded as the greatest Pharoah of Egypt. He
reigned longer than any other, and is sometimes called Rameses the Great
and The Great Ancestor. Some believe him to be the Pharoah of Exodus.
I thought the Exodus pharoah was Amenhtop II. Amenhotep II was
followed by his son, Thutmose IV who was not the legitimate heir.
That honor belongs to the firstborn son, who evidently died before
taking the throne. Perhaps he was the one who died in the Passover.
If you are interested in this, you might visit

Thank you, Markku, for the beautiful card! I love it!

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