Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Map Card from Czrch Republic

Jarca, from the city of Usti Nad Labem in the Czech
Republic, send me this nice map card.
I like it because she has marked her city on the map
(it is just to the right of the lower right corner of the flag)
and it also has the flag and the shield in the upper left corner.
And, in the upper right corner, it has two maps showing
where the Czech Republic is in relation to the world and to Europe.
This one little card gives a LOT of information and I appreciate
that very much. Many thanks to you, Jarca!
I also found two pictures of Jarca's city, Usti nad Labem on the internet.
The first one is a very modern bridge over the river. This is a neat bit
of engineering!

The second picture is of a beautiful church.
It is the Church of the Lady's Assumption
in Usti nad Labem.

And this is the stamp that brought Jarca's card.
I think, maybe, it is a 'Save the Planet' stamp as it shows
a green tree with longitude and latitude markings
superimposed over it.
It is a very nice stamp and I like the postmark beside it!

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