Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two cards to say 'Thank You'

Fleur, who lives in Arras, France, has sent
me two beautiful cards as a 'Thank You'.
The topo card shows the Cathedral in Arras, as well as an
outdoor cafe in front of some beautiful buildings.
(I would love to sit at one of the tables under the cabana
and have coffee while I watch the people pass by! but
Fleur tells me they have snow on the ground now!)
The second card shows several places in the north of France.
In the upper left corner is Lille, the largest city in the area.
In the lower right is another view of Arras.
Thank you, Fleur, for showing me your part of France!

This very nice stamp commemorating the founding of
Quebec, Canada in 1608, brought the card from France.
I like the ancient ship with the Indians in a birch bark
canoe rowing out to meet it.

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