Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Private Swap

I received the following postcard of the port at Riga, Latvia
from my friend, Egita. Below you see the flag of Latvia and also the
stamp that brought my postcard.

Isn't this a great postcard?
I love the lighted ship. It looks like they
are having some kind of a celebration--and who doesn't
love a celebration!
This postcard comes to me from Egita in Riga, Latvia. She says
thatRiga is the capital city of Latvia and this is one side of the Riga port.
It is very close to the University where she attends and, therefore,
she goes here from time to time.
She also says that their coastline is longer than their landline!
She goes hiking with her friends along the seaside every year.
Egita, I would dearly love to go hiking with you!
You really do have a lovely country and I am sure I would love it!
Thank you so very much for the wonderful postcard!

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