Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tsou, Taiwan Aboriginal Tribe

I received an extremely interesting card
from Taiwan today.

This card was sent to me by Kudre. He says that 'Tsou' is one group
of Taiwan aborigines. He said they have beautiful dress
and a nice dance. Kudre found the special postcard
in Taiwan, Gu-Guan, which translates into 'Hot Spring'.
This is such a nice card, Kudre! Thank you very much for
sending it to me!

Kudre put these very nice stamps on the card hesent to me. He even put a little dialog balloon saying "Hi, I am lovely Nemo". The other two stamps show a dog that looks like a husky or malemute, and a little animal that I am guessing to be a chinchilla or hamster.

Thank you very much, Kudre, for the interesting card and the great stamps!

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