Saturday, October 18, 2008

Two Official postcards

I received the two postcards above since my last post.
The one at top is Bamburgh Castle. It is a magnificent Northumberland
castle which is built on a rock outcrop. It towers over Bamburgh village
and overlooks miles of golden sands and The Fames islands.
The card was sent to me by Gilly (reddevel-56),
who lives in Lancashire.
Thank you, Gilly. I do love the card! I would love to
go walking along the golden sands!
The postcard just below Bamburgh Castle is a view of the beach
along the Jersey shore. It is called Point Pleasant Beach.
This card came from Terry. The card is from New Jersey,
she mailed it from Oklahoma, and she said she would be stopping
in San Antonio in a day or so to see the Riverwalk. According
to her profile map, she lives in South Dakota!
Thank you, Terry, for showing me another beautiful beach!

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