Tuesday, October 14, 2008

'Back to the Old-Time Taiwan'

That is the title on this postcard that I received from
Ching-Chung. She says that it shows the most ancient
tree in Taiwan, and they call it the Sacred Tree. She
said that once this place was a train station called
'Sacred Tree Station.'

I like this card very much, Ching-Chung! Thank you for sending it to me.

I received this card today from Marina, who lives in Troisdorf, Germany. Itis near Cologne and Bonn. She was intrigued that I have moved so many times, but she said she has also moved a lot--8 times.

She chose this card because 'I think in all your life, you haven't seen this: Das Kolsche Jrundjesetz!' She said it is written in the accent of Colgne: Kolsch!

There was not enough space for her to translate the card, so she said 'maybe you will have a good time racking your brain!'

Well, I have racked my brain, looked through my German-English dictionary, and a few places on theinternet, and I still don't know what it says. I have
asked Marina to send me a translation, so, if she does,I will update this entry!

Thank you, Marina, for such a 'brain-teaser'!

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