Friday, October 24, 2008

Tatiana's Private Swap from Belarus

Tatiana (who lives in Gomel, Belarus) and I agreed to swap postcards privately. When I received her lovely card, I immediately went to the internet to learn a little more about her city. To my surprise, I found that it is one of the nearest cities to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant which, on April 26, 1986, was involved in a major nuclear disaster.

I also found out quite a bit more about her city.

This is the postcard Tatiana sent. After doing my research, I think I can
tell you a little about each of the views.

Gomel is a very old city and many artifacts have been found. Many of the
oldest records report the city in existence in 1142. Therefore, in 1997, Gomel
celebrated its 855th anniversary. The picture above shows the
railway station and in the upper right corner you see the name of the city
and the anniversary date.

This view, which is at the bottom of Tatiana's card, I believe to be Kozhara Street.
This is the building in the center of the card and is called the Circus.
I was surprised to see a 'cutout' picture of a cowboy on the
corner of the building. I'm not sure what the building is, but it looks like
it has some small businesses, shops, and/or restaurants advertised.
The two pictures below are at the top of Tatiana's card. This is what was formerly known as Lenin Square when Belarus was a part of the USSR. At the far end of the street in the picture

on the card, you see this building with the tall columns. This is the Regional Drama Theater.
Tatiana, I have really enjoyed this card and the
history lesson I have learned.

The four stamps above carried the card from Gomel, Belarus
to San Antonio, Texas. As I do not read Cyrillic, I cannot tell
what the stamps say, but I can see two of them have little birds,
one has a raccoon, and the last has a Gothic building, possibly a
Thank you very much, Tatiana, for the lovely card and the enjoyment
it has brought to me!

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