Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Lighthouse in England

This lighthouse and beach picture makes me want to be there
right on the beach with the other beach-goers and beachcombers!
Jane sent me this painting postcard of the lighthouse at Whitley Bay
in Great Britain. She says it is about 50 miles down the coast
from Bamburgh castle (which was the subject of a postcard I
received earlier--scroll down and you can see the castle).
Jane says this lighthouse is a couple of miles from the home
where she grew up and it is still a place she loves to visit.
The light house has 137 steps to the top and you can climb up
there for views of along the coast.
Jane also says that her Mum volunteers at the lighthouse some
weekends, serving tea and home-baked cakes to visitors.
MM-m-m-m! I'd like some too!
Thank you, Jane, for such an interesting card!
(P.S. Note the British Railways logo at the bottom of the card.)

This is a very interesting stamp that brought me Jane's card. The woman in the picture is Eleanor Rathbone. She was a tireless social
worker for bettering conditions of laborers, women's rights and suffrage, and family allowances. She was also a Member of Parliament. This stamp recognizes her work for family allowances.
This is an allowance paid to families with children. As of April 2008,
the allowance for the first child is 18.80 British lb per week. For every child after the first, it is 12.50 British lb per week. It is also noted that
more than 80% of children are in families eligible for a child tax credit
as well.

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