Friday, October 31, 2008

Cape Nosappu, The First Sunrise

This very interesting postcard came to me from Satomi, who lives in
Toyota, Japan. This scene shows the Cape Nosappu. located at the tip
of Nemuro-hento Peninsula, a part of Hokkaido which is known for
its production of crabs called Hanasaki-gani. It is at the eastern extremity
of Hokkaido. Many people come to visit here so that they can be the first
in the world to see the sunrise. There is also a lighthouse
here. It is the oldest lighthouse in Hokkaido and was built in 1872.
Satomi, did you know that we have a Toyota factory here in San Antonio too?
However, it only builds the pick-up trucks called Tundra.
Thank you very much, Satomi, for this pretty and informative card.

Here is the nice stamp that Satomi put on her card.
It looks like they are camping in the forest near
a lake. Children are playing in a field near
the shore.
Very nice!

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