Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On the Brittany Coast

This is a beautiful lighthouse photograph postcard that was sent to me
by Pia, who lives in Finland. The photograph was taken by well-known
lighthouse photographer Jean Guichard. (Perhaps you've seen many of his
other photographs of lighthouses, the most famous of which have huge waves
wrapping around the tower.)
I really like the stormy, almost brooding quality of this card, and I especially
like the huge wave crashing onto it.
Pia said she chose this postcard because I had mentioned visiting lighthouses.
That is an understatement! I dearly love lighthouses!
This lighthouse is located on the Brittany coast , on the Mer l'Iroise.
The name of the lightouse is Pierres Noires. Since I do not read nor speak French,
I could be wrong, but I think it may also be called Arc-en-Ciel sur. I hope someone
will correct me if I'm wrong!
The Mer l'Iroise is one of the most dangerous seas in Europe. In winter, there are
often violent storms and huge waves. But it is also one of the riches seas
in marine life.

Here are two other views of th

An look at this! Isn't this a beautiful stamp?
Pia put it on the postcard.
We have all heard of 'snail mail', but who
would have thought it was real?!

Thank you, Pia, for the beautiful card, the cute stamp, and the opportunity
to learn more about the geography of this area of the world.

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