Sunday, October 26, 2008

A full mailbox!

Yes, I did have a full mailbox!
Three great postcards--from
France, U.S.A., and Finland!
The beautiful stamps above were on the first card in the mail.

The first card, from France, was sent to me by Laetitia (Satine83)
who sent me the card above as a 'Thank You' for the
card I had sent to her. This really nice card shows the sunlight
shining through a hole into a cavern.
Laetitia put some great
stamps on this card!The first shows La Cote de granit rose, or
the Pink Granite Coast. This is on the coast of Brittany. It has
some huge granite boulders which are stacked on one another
in such a way that people look for different
shapes among them--a bell, a tricorn hat, etc.

The second stamp shows Le Chateau d'Usse. This is a castle in the Loire valley. Charles Perault used this castle for his inspiration for

Sleeping Beauty, or 'Chateau de la Belle au bois dormant'.

It was also used as a model for
Cinderella's castle at Disney World.
To the left. you see 1) the Disney
castle, and 2) Le Chateau d'Usse.

Above the card, you see the stamps
that brought this card from France.
Thank you, Laetitia, for the beautiful card and stamps! I love them!
This card comes from Lindsay, who lives in the Amish country for Lancaster
County, Pennsylvania. The picture looks almost like a painting by
an American artist--Grant Wood? or Andrew or V.C.Wyeth, maybe?
In our travels, we have been in several different areas of the country
where Amish people have settled--Iowa, Wisconsin, etc.
I always enjoy seeing their simple way of life.

Thank you, Lindsay, for the wonderful card!

Last Christmas, I was painting several miniature pictures. We had just gotten back from U.P. north and driven through Amish country where we saw an Amish horse and buggy tied to a hitching post. I tooka picture of it and I put it in one of the miniature paintings.

The third card in the mailbox came from Anne, who lives in a small town
near Helsinki. She said she lives with her little cat. She also tells me
that, in Finland, they have thousands of lakes and, in the summertime,
the midnight sun--as you see here in the picture. I like the picture of the midnight
sun--it makes me think of the time we lived in Alaska. And, being the
beach-lover that I am, I also loved the picture of the beach!

Thank you, Anne, for such a nice card!

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