Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two from the USA

I received two new postcards in the mail today.
Both were from the USA, but one was from the west coast
and the other from the east coast.

This peaceful scene was sent to me by Jo (user Grizzly1951).
I had sent her a picture of our famous Alamo. She said that now she is
sending me a picture of Spokane's most famous building.
This, says Jo, is what is left of a railroad station in downtown Spokane.
The whole area is now a park, site of Expo '74, their World's Fair.
Thank you, Jo. It is a lovely building and park.
I would love to stroll through it!
And this card comes to me from Boston, Massachusetts. It was
sent to me by my penpal, Latisha Barker.
This, of course, is Boston Light. It is the oldest lighthouse
in America. When I lived on Cape Cod, I could have visited this lighthouse
many times, but I never did. We lived there before I became
so enchanted with lighthouses!
Thank you, Latisha, and I will write to you soon!

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